Cau Giay district located in the West of Hanoi is a land of thousands of years of history with Red River civilization. It borders Dong Da and Ba Dinh districts in the North, Tu Liem district in the West, Thanh Xuan district in the South, and Tay Ho district in the West. There are many urban areas and apartments, big companies located in Cau Giay district.


That is why many serviced apartments have been a growing and popular choice for many travelers in the last number of years in Cau Giay District. More and more travelers are switching to Serviced Apartments during their business trips in this district. The demand for serviced apartments has increased with time due to superior conveniences and better cost savings over hotels. However, not everyone knows what a serviced apartment really is and the benefits of staying in a hotel. So why you should stay in a serviced apartment, I will show you in this blog:


To start at the beginning, a serviced apartment is a self-contained apartment in a building, which has a separate bedroom, living room, fully equipped kitchen, your own private keys to your own door. Serviced apartments can be in the form of a studio flat (all in one room with a kitchenette), or have one or two bedrooms. All apartments enjoy housekeeping service, utilities included, and a guest services team to help. Guests only pay for their accommodation
and can live in a flat with everything they would have in their own home.


There are lots of benefits for staying in serviced apartments:


Serviced Apartments have so much to offer compared to traditional hotels. The benefit of having a fully fitted kitchen in your apartment not only allows you to save on dining out and room service, but also allows you to cook that special meal from home that’ll make your stay even more enjoyable.


If you are a business traveler, renting and staying in an apartment in the city is like staying in a home from home. The serviced apartments are all situated within new buildings and near local shops and restaurants. Staying in one of our serviced apartments guarantees our guests the flexibility to cook, or not to cook, and dine out at local restaurants.


Staying with a colleague, if you want, you can get a two-bedroom apartment or a next-door room with your colleague. You can then prepare for a meeting with your colleague in your room over dinner or for a drink.


Unlike staying in a hotel where there are lots of distractions and interference, our serviced apartments ensure our guest’s privacy. If you travel with your children, the self-catering facilities are absolutely priceless as dinner time can be whenever you need it to be. So stock up the fridge with their favorite foods and snacks and you’ll have happy kids.


Travel-weary toddlers may be too overwhelmed to cope with restaurants but if you can bring out their old favorites to give them a taste of home, you’ll be in for a much happier stay.


The serviced apartment staffs are experienced professionals, including a dedicated housekeeper trained to know your preferences. The services apartment’s housekeeping is totally flexible and you can let them know when and how often you would like to clean the room.


The proactive maintenance checks will change that light bulb and fix the air-con if it’s needed before you notice it. Many service apartments also provide free laundry service, but if you prefer to do your own laundry – whether it’s because laundry charges can add up with an extended stay, or you prefer to pack light, or you don’t want to risk damaging a delicate garment – there are always self-service laundrettes or a washer/dryer in your own apartment so you can travel light.


Round-the-clock security and a 24-hour concierge/reception desk further ensure entry is restricted to only those who are welcome and well. Equally important is that the friendly front desk and housekeeping staff are trained to be on the alert, always ready to lend a helping hand if needed. They take hygiene seriously so that you can relax completely.


Serviced apartments are generally much cheaper than a similar class hotel room. Typically a three-star hotel room costs nearly 40% more than a similar or higher-end serviced apartment. Moreover, if you are book an apartment for a longer period of time, you will surely get a sort of discount on the price. And if you are traveling with a bigger group, then getting a service apartment with more bedrooms will be a much more economical option than
booking multiple hotel rooms.


It takes about 30 minutes from Cau Giay District to Noi Bai airport. Cau Giay has many service apartments for rent, also very convenient for living, the luxury Apartment is located and Kangnam tower and many other great apartments such as The Bloom apartment, Poonsa apartment…


If you are planning to visit Mumbai, try out a Serviced Apartment! The Bloom & Poonsa apartment in Cau Giay’s best Serviced Apartment – located in the heart of Cau Giay district. So what are you waiting for, book now! We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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